Web Application (Dapp)

The Gateway

Our Dapp will serve as the gateway to our planned universe, and your Genesis Collection NFT will act as the vessel that transports you to the captivating new worlds we will create.

The NFT's

Each NFT collection will have its own dedicated minting page where users can select the desired quantity of NFTs they wish to mint.

The Games

Each game title will be released on the Dapp. These web-based games require you to connect your wallet to verify if you have the corresponding NFT purchased before granting access to play. Therefore, acquiring an NFT is necessary to participate in the weekly competitions.

The Art

With a team of talented artists at our disposal, we believe in unleashing their creativity to its fullest potential. They will create immersive experiences that ensure no one ever gets bored. We will regularly share teaser art of upcoming exciting features. Stay tuned as we post updates on our social channels and integrate them into the application, truly immersing you in the odyssey.

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