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Hows the gaming going to work?
All games we release will follow a play-to-earn model, and we have plans to refine and evolve this model over time.

Play to earn

We are taking a unique approach to quickly implement a play-to-earn model. Weekly competitions will be held, and the user with the highest score at the end of each week will receive an ETH payout. High scores will be reset every week to give new gamers the opportunity to achieve the weekly high score.

Where to play?

Initially, all our games will be web-based. While we do plan on releasing Android applications for each game in the future, the technology for wallet connections in Android apps is not yet at the level we require. To access the games, you will need to either hold an NFT from the Genesis Collection or purchase a game ticket. Our Dapp will serve as the platform to access the games. You can check out the sample game on the Dapp to get an idea of the implementation.

What's Next?

Our initial focus will be on releasing 2-3 single-player arcade games. This is due to budget constraints, and we want to ensure that we master single-player arcade games with play-to-earn mechanics before delving into our main vision of multiplayer games.
Our first multiplayer title will make a significant impact on the industry. We plan to develop a competitive racing game where users can livestream matches, engage in live betting, and allow companies to purchase advertising space on the track. We have numerous other ideas that we will unveil in more detail as we experiment with our single-player arcade games. Stay tuned for updates.

The Grand Vision

We have ambitious goals and a well-defined plan for each stage of our project's growth. Our first priority is to excel at creating enjoyable and immersive single-player play-to-earn arcade games. Once we have mastered that, we will expand into multiplayer experiences. Eventually, we aim to position ourselves as the go-to Web3 game studio, offering our services to the rest of the industry. With our intellectual property and expanded team, we have the potential to produce upwards of 50 games per year, generating revenues in the hundreds of millions.