Let's take a walk through the times

First we are going to get something straight

We are not a meme; we are not a joke. On our roadmap, you will not see anything like listing on Coingecko/Coinmarketcap, 500 holders, liquidity lock, renounced contract, or any meaningless drivel. Our roadmap consists of tangible milestones that provide value and build a company with revenue that benefits its shareholders or token holders. When some of the mentioned milestones are achieved, we will celebrate. However, please refrain from asking "when when" because it is coming as we have stated. It is clearly outlined on the roadmap.

Phase 1 ( 3 months)

To provide a note on this first phase, we will be keeping the dates a secret to maintain suspense, as we all enjoy surprises.
  • Day 1 launch will include the deployment of our token, website, D-App, and all social media channels.
  • Release of the Genesis NFT Collection.
  • Release of the gamer trailer, along with information on play-to-earn mechanics.
  • Game launch and development of a desktop application for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Upgrade the D-App UI to reflect the upcoming game release and improve the current game.

Phase 2 (6 months)

  • Our next game release will be a web-based, single-player play-to-earn arcade game.
  • We will begin preliminary research on multiplayer games.
  • We will expand our D-App and website to include other interactive events centered around token promotion and game competitions.
  • We will also expand our team, both in terms of development capacity and marketing resources.

Phase 3 (1 year)

  • Expand into our first multiplayer games, incorporating in-game advertising and live streaming for betting events.
  • Create matchmaking lobbies to enable communication between gamers during multiplayer server game rounds (including in-game item shops and betting events).
  • Further expand the Dapp to serve as the portal into this online universe.
  • Choose a permanent blockchain home that aligns with our users and reflects our value offering.

Phase 4

  • Offering these services to other companies looking to release game titles.
  • Mastery of massive multiplayer online games.