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The Tech Suite

Lets paint a picture shall we?

Our Token

Upon launch, we will be releasing our ERC-20 token with a dynamic tax structure allocated for development and marketing purposes. Additionally, a special tax will be set aside for our gaming community. The proceeds from this final tax percentage will be utilized for weekly prizes awarded to our highest-scoring gamers. If you believe you possess exceptional gaming skills, we challenge you to test your mettle against the world of Web3 gamers!

Our Web Application

Our custom-designed 3D web application will serve as the home for our new universe, providing a fully immersive experience. As we release more of our proprietary game titles, we will continue to expand our universe while ensuring that our token holders feel like they have embarked on a true odyssey upon loading in.

NFT Collections

We noticed a problem with NFT's and that problem was the lack of true utility. What we aim to do is bring the purpose that NFT's truly deserve in the space. There are numerous potential use cases for NFT's. One that is ready to be properly implemented is enhancing the gaming experience for users or providing them with unique experiences. Our NFT collections will serve as game passes, in-game avatars, and, in the future, revenue-sharing investment vehicles.

Games, So Many Games.

Let's be honest, Web3 gaming has not really caught on. Why? Truth be told, the technology, creativity and sentiment behind it are barely sufficient to inspire anyone to create these games. However, we perceive an opportunity. We find ourselves in a unique position where the leadership team possesses the personal talents necessary to utilize their extensive Web3 knowledge for seamless integration. Meanwhile, our expert game developers can focus on what they do best: building amazing games. We have in-house concept artists, 3D artists and animators who can bring concepts to life and we are eagerly awaiting the chance to showcase the results and see if you can win the weekly high score prizes.
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