NFT Collections

Let's make some cool art.

Our NFT collections will be released approximately 3-4 weeks before each game launch. These collections will consist of unique characters that can be played in the game and will serve as a pass to access the corresponding game title. By purchasing an NFT, you will receive both a unique character and entry to the game itself.

The Genesis Collection

The initial collection will be the Cosmic Odyssey Genesis Collection. This collection will feature 500 distinct spaceships. Owning one of these spaceships not only grants you a unique player character in our first major title but also provides discounts and access to special features in all future titles we produce. This collection holds special significance as it offers exclusive content accessible only to our original loyal gamers and degens.

3D all the way baby

All our collections will be uniquely designed by our in-house 3D model designers. Each collection will feature 3D artwork, allowing players to actually embody the characters in the game. While we may experiment with special utilities in some collections to explore exciting new concepts, in general, their main purpose will be to provide access to exclusive deals for in-game items related to the corresponding game title.

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